Business Activities

GGG is a product that focuses on three main business activities in order to ensure the success of their products. Those activities are:
Research & Development
Research & Development come to be the main activity in GGG because its business model requires in-depth knowledge about the NFT industry & Metaverse activities and development. These activities include:
  • Researching about the new games that will be enlisted to the platform via Gameplay, Tokenomics, Game Reward, etc.
  • Developing features and tools that can escalate business process by GGG
  • Determining type and amount of NFT Asset that will be purchased by GGG
Building a Community (Guild)
This activity covers a lot of aspects which closely connects to users and guild member. This Guild activity includes:
  • Recruiting guild member and coach
  • Improving guild members’ ability and knowledge
  • Distributing rewards/incentives to all guild members
  • Establishing a community program to raise guild members’ engagement and activities
  • Managing Guild
Marketing & Promotion
Aside from activities related to Guild development, GGG is also active in doing promotion & marketing in order to NFT marketplace owned by GGG get flourish. This is important to do because GGG NFT marketplace not only needs artists/ NFT owners’ participation but also the engagement from the buyers. Furthermore, marketing & Promotion activity is paramount.