GGG is developed upon seeing the technology trend and potential adoption in the market. We believe that no matter how amazing a product can be, but it is worth less if neither market nor users’ responses are likely. Features brought by GGG are expected to not only help GGG product go through successfully in the market, but also ease the transition process as well as educate user which it can escalate acquisition process and market acceptance.
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    NFT Asset Utilization & Monitoring The fund collected by the Good Games will be utilized in a form of Games productive asset in order to make revenue to the Guild. Some projects of game asset utilization that will be set out are Gaming Scholarship, In-Games Assets Purchase/Rent, etc. Undoubtedly, those assets will be closely monitored and reviewed by the GGG team.
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    NFT Marketplace GGG and user can sell and buy assets related to game in NFT marketplace, ranging from Arts up to in-game virtual Assets.
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    Good Games Mobile App Good Games Mobile App is a product we create to help our users, especially scholars, to monitor their achievements, ranking and rewards obtained from playing the game. In this app, users will also be able to convert their rewards to be fiat currency-based asset which can be withdrawn instantly and saved to their bank account.
Half of revenue made from Good Games Guild either by utilizing asset (gaming scholarship, asset purchasing and rent) or NFT marketplace transaction and Good Games Mobile App, can be claimed by GGG token holder by staking the tokens in the provided Vault. For more information, see "Token Utility" part.