Besides having a quite significant experience in blockchain industry, GGG team also comprises of individual who has strong passion in this industry. Each of them comes from different educational background, such as Finance, Asset Management, Gaming up to Blockchain - Smart Contract, but they can incredibly work solidly as a team.
Aditia K.
Serial entrepreneur with 8 Years Experience in Blockchain & finance since 2013. Established 2 Blockchain companies in 2018, which later were acquired in 2020.
Wilsen T.
Highly passionate about Gaming, and has been involved in NFT-Blockchain games since 2019. Currently, active managing NFT asset which values more than USD 1 Million to be utilized in various games.
Ary Utama
A graduate of Antwerp Management School Belgium, who once took a position as the Head of Investment Majoris Asset Management, where he managed a total of USD 200 Million assets.
B.E Suryadi
Solidity programmer since 2016 and has some experience in the Technology industry since 2009. Has been involved in a lot of Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects as a Smart contract developer and blockchain engineer.
Ella L
Social Media & content creator specialist. Has been involving in Crypto & blockchian since 2017.
Lina Y
Passionate marketer, since 2017. Active in crypto space since 2019.
Arsy R
An experienced Creative Designer. More than 4 years experience as freelance creative designer. Content creator for several crypto projects such as Duckdao, Spykefast, etc.
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