By the development of NT amidst the society, “Metaverse” is becoming a popular term which is oftentimes re-mentioned. This is actually not a new term because in 1992 Neal Stepheson, through his novel entitled "Snow Crash", had already introduced this “Metaverse” as a place where human beings could interact with each other in a form of digital avatar in a Virtual Space, which resembled to the real world.

Likewise their predecessors, which are Internet, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, NFT becomes underpinning that bring us closer to the implementation of Metaverse. NFT has today been used in numerous industrial sectors, especially in Art. However, the most monumental role of NFT is used in Game industry. NFT assets in game have been proven to have brought a lot of changes in human social life.

Since a game namely Axie Infinity introduced Play to Earn concept, where the players could obtain rewards by playing the game, NFT implantation in game transforms to be a new Talk in Town, not limited to cryptocurrency community, but also to common people. At the beginning this concept sounds too good to be true for these people, but it slowly becomes tools for others to earn money and survive.

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