Good Games Guild (GGG), is a product which is created to maximize the Metaverse function in human social life. Later, this foreign world called Metaverse will turn into a new world for all of us. Most interestingly, this new world will not only offer a new experience, but also a new opportunity for everyone.
GGG aims to convert the asset ownership in Metaverse to be a productive asset by utilizing role and function of each guild member. These members will be the generators that will take the conversion asset ownership owned by GGG from regular asset to be the more productive one. In the future, we are optimistic that virtual asset will come to be the most desirable asset.
Additionally, this ownership can be traded or even rented through NFT marketplace which is owned by the GGG. In this marketplace, everyone will also have opportunity to sell NFT in games. This is obviously going to positively impact to the technology development and adaptation in the future.