Metabank – Multichain NFT Liquidity Solution developed by Good Games Guild

MetaBank is a platform that enables NFT holders to monetize their NFTs by providing liquidity to the market. Our platform provides a way for NFT holders to obtain cash and other tokens against their NFTs as collateral.

The multichain aspect of our platform means that MetaBank is built on multiple blockchain networks, allowing for greater interoperability and flexibility. This means that NFTs from different blockchain networks can be used as collateral, allowing all users to transact across different chains.

Key Features

  • Take a loan against your NFT

After MetaBank receives your NFT and verifies its authenticity and value, MetaBank will hold your NFT as collateral for the loan. This allows access to liquidity without selling NFTs outright. This can be beneficial when the value of NFTs appreciates over time and you want to retain ownership of them.

  • Low-interest rates

It is essential to have a competitive and comprehensive loan product that meets the needs of users. Our low-interest rates boost economic growth and lead to increased users. Offering low-interest rates on NFT loans is also a valuable selling point for us in competing in the NFT loan market, especially when our competitors tend to offer higher interest rates or more restrictive lending terms.

  • Pay (your debt) anytime

Our "pay anytime" feature is advantageous for users who have extra funds and want to pay down their debt faster or those who experience a windfall or unexpected income and want to pay off their loan in full. It also helps users avoid late payment fees or other penalties for missed payments.

  • Real-time price feed

MetaBank delivers up-to-date and accurate pricing information for the NFT being used as collateral, which can help both parties make informed decisions, take proactive steps to manage their loan-to-value (LTV), and avoid a potential default.

  • Insurance

Our insurance will provide protection against the risk of loss or damage to the NFT collateral. This type of insurance is designed to mitigate the risk of default by the borrower which can result in the loss of the NFT collateral and potential financial losses for MetaBank. This insurance accommodates the user with peace of mind that their NFT collateral will be protected in the event of loss or damage.

Metabank’s Flow

1. Choose a pool

To normalize demand with yield supply generated from yield farming. MetaBank uses a tiered pool structure. Each collateral can have new pools opened with its own debt ceilings and tiers. Interest is accrued at each block.

2. Borrow $MD (MetaBank Dollar)

Once you have deposited an NFT, you may generate $MD, MetaBanks's native stablecoin, which can be used for a variety of tasks such as swapping, liquidity provision, and other potential opportunities in various DeFi/GameFi protocols.

3. Earn yield or buy another coin

One of the upsides of MetaBanks is its understanding of DeFi and the possibilities it opens. Users can use MetaBank to earn yield on the value of their NFTs.

  • Metabank Stable Coin

MetaBank will issue its over-collateralized stable coin, called MetaBank Dollar ($MD). This will provide up to 250% over-collateralized. The over-collateralization of MetaBank Dollar is intended to provide users with a high degree of confidence in the stability and security of the stablecoin, as well as provide a mechanism for managing risk in the event of market fluctuations. Additionally, the over-collateralization may allow for lower transaction fees and faster transaction times, as there is less risk involved in the use of the stablecoin.

  • Metabank Governance Token

MetaBank will issue a governance token called $MBG to support users with additional incentives to use the platform, as well as provide a mechanism for community involvement and decision-making.

$MBG Utilities

  • Increase LTV

  • Discounted Insurance

  • Real Yield (Protocol revenue goes to $MBG stakers)

  • Vote for NFT Collection to be listed on Metabank

$MBG Airdrop for $GGG Holders

We are delighted to reward our $GGG Holders by airdropping $MBG.

Our Multichain NFT Liquidity Solutions will gain popularity as the demand for NFTs grows. We offer a new avenue for NFT owners to unlock the value of their NFTs and participate in the growing NFT economy.

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