Hightable Tier System

Hightable has applied a tier system with Guaranteed Allocation to the IDO process, and here are the details:

🌟 Phase 1: Guaranteed Allocation for All Whitelisted on Bronze to Platinum Tier $GGG stakers in Bronze to Platinum Tier who have applied for WHITELIST will receive a guaranteed allocation. Those WL-ers will have 24 hours to contribute and the leftover allocation will be available for Phase 2 which is FCFS for $GGG stakers in Silver to Platinum Tier.

⚡️ Phase 2: FCFS System (Only for $GGG Stakers)

In Phase 2, all $GGG stakers in Bronze to Platinum Tier will have a chance to participate in a First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) system with no maximum buy limit for 3 hours. This means stakers can contribute as much as they desire, allowing them to maximize their participation in the IDO.

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