ArbiPad Staking Program V2

Staking Program V2: Earn APR Rewards by locking your $ARBI!

ArbiPad introduces a groundbreaking $ARBI Staking Program V2 with APR rewards and duration lock. Stakers can choose lock durations of 30/60/180/360 days, with APR rewards ranging from 5–15%. When staking reaches maturity, stakeholders can seamlessly join IDOs without the need to restake, offering a user-friendly experience.

Here are the key conditions post-maturity:

  • No re-lock needed to join IDO (ARBI remains in the staking contract).

  • A 7-day cooling-off period for unstaking decisions.

  • No staking rewards post-maturity (re-locking is required for continued rewards).

  • Stake and Choose Your Duration Lock

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