GameFi has become one of the most popular and prevalent concepts in the gaming and blockchain industry. Through tokenization and the in-game economy, the concept of trading monetary value in the form of digital assets is introduced into the gaming scene.
In the past year, GameFi projects have been on the radar of gamers as well as investors alike. The GameFi boom in 2021 brought us more than 1,000 new games. The total investment reached $3.7 billion in the first half of 2022. The web3 games concept could be the future of video gaming as it creates mutual benefits for both game players and gaming companies.
Despite the fact that it draws hordes of players, investors, and gaming companies, there are still major hurdles to jump over before the GameFi industry can claim a sizable slice of the gaming market. Majority of people find the GameFi difficult to grasp and use. The expectations of the players are unmet and disappointing. Further mass adoption is slipping out of our reach.
We at Good Games Guild feel the need to intervene to address the various issues we face together. That is why GGPlay is here to drive GameFi adoption. GGPlay will be a vehicle for connecting traditional players and other blockchain users in the vein of Web3 Games. GGPlay will be a container for developers and communities to work together to fill the gaming scene with quality products.
Our inspiration for creating the GGPlay product was driven by the questions:
“Why hasn’t the number of GameFi users exploded to the same magnitude as that of traditional games? What’s holding back the average gamers from using GameFi products ubiquitously to enjoy smooth decentralized gameplay without dependency on any platform?"